Starting Career in Web Development

Starting web development career in nepal

As a web developer till this date I got to explore many languages,platforms and frameworks used for web development. So what I felt during beginning of my career is what beginners may be feeling this date. So this blog may be helpful for those.

If you are coming from IT background then you would probably know languages and frameworks to start. But most people still get confused about how to start. So let me divide this blog into these sections.


There are many languages like php, python, ruby, js for web development. So Its obvious to be confused which language should one choose. So my suggestion would be to spend some time in research about these languages. Which one is trending in your country/worldwide, which has large community in platforms like stackoverflow,you may visit some job site and see profile of it companies. From their profile you will have idea which language is highly used. Which ever language you choose keep in mind that you are learning it for the first time.

2.CMS platforms

Platform like wordpress has gained popularity all over the world. If you are uncomfortable in anyway to start coding then this can be the best option. You will get abundance of knowledge and idea about web development through this platform. And later you can enter into coding world.


Laravel, django, code igniter, ruby on rails, angular are some examples of framework. They are software designed to ease development of web services,web apis and web resources. In short they are like libraries that helps to build apps faster and smarter. So my suggestion would be to gain basic knowledge of core languages(php,django) before going into frameworks.

If you have basic knowledge of programming then it is possible to start developing apps using frameworks but its certain you will be in some dilemma and confusion in some point of development.Its because these frameworks are built under core languages and core concept are also required during development.

4.Internships and online learning tools

Starting internship in it company is best option to start career. But I suggest to take a look at online courses as well. From this courses you will get to know different terminologies and concepts and later you can implement or disscuss with mentor in company where you are doing internship.

Personally udemy courses and tutorials from youtube have helped me a lot.During internship you may learn basic way to resolve problems but there are always many ways to solve that problem. So depending only in internship classes is not enough, one must explore to get wide knowledge.

5.Frontend and backend devlopment

Frontend development refers to user interface(ui) and user experience(ux) parts. Its uses framework and languages like html,css,javascript. It specially focuses on looks and designs of sites/app.

Backend development referes to operational part. It integrates database to frontend design.It makes the site dynamic. And the one with both skills are “full-stack developer”.

In summary

1. Choose language

2. Start learning

3. Join internship

4. Develop programming skills

5. Launch your portfolio as your first project

PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language

Worldwide, Jun 2021 compared to a year ago:

1Python30.6 %-1.1 %
2Java17.17 %-0.1 %
3JavaScript8.3 %+0.3 %
4C#6.79 %-0.0 %
5C/C++6.31 %+0.6 %
6PHP6.15 %+0.2 %
7R3.88 %-0.1 %
8Objective-C2.54 %+0.1 %
9TypeScript2.1 %+0.2 %
10Swift1.91 %-0.3 %
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Tamang Tamang
Tamang Tamang
2 years ago

great post