Requirements for beginning laravel

Learning anything new is always daunting, at the same time it’s interesting and exciting as well. Before beginning laravel there must be some software installed in your system(i.e pc). Laravel is web application framework built under php. So there must be local server in your computer to run laravel framework. XAMPP, LAMP, WAMPP work as a local server. I will show you how to install them step by step in later section of this blog so you don’t have to worry now.

Similarly we require composer. Composer is package manager for php programming language for managing dependencies and required libraries. During installation laravel installs different packages in the project so to manage them we require composer.

Installing xampp

Xampp is cross-platform web server solution software package which is used to setup php programming development environment by providing all the required software components.

X=cross platform (it works with linux,windows,macos)

A=Apache server




Using the above components developers can test their project locally and later upload to production mode. Installing xampp is very easy and quick. If you are using linux or mac then installation process mentioned below may differ.


Goto link and download xampp as per your system requirements meet.

Step 2

Once the bundle is downloaded you can install by double clicking .exe file. You may need to pause any antivirus software installed in your computer because active antivirus can affect the installation process. After double clicking .exe file setup wizard opens up. Click next.

Step 3

Select required components from checklist given or you can leave the default options and click next.

Step 4

In this step choose path where you would like to install xampp software package. By default it will be created under C:\ drive. You can leave it default and click next.

Step 5

Now you can install the package in aforementioned directory. This process can take several minutes. You can see the green bar as installation progress. Click the Allow access button to allow the xampp modules from the windows firewall.

Step 6

After the installation process is completed you can click finish button. If you check the Do you want to start the Control Panel now then xampp control panel opens up as you click finish button. This is up to your choice to open up immediately or not.

Now the XAMPP icon is visible on start menu. Click the icon to open control panel. Now you can click the start button to start the service. For now we just need 2 services Apache and MySql.

Note: If any of the service does not start then check the port. Other system may be running already that port. So either change the port or stop already running software on that port and restart again.

Now to check if XAMPP is properly installed goto browser and type http://localhost. If you see default XAMPP page then you have successfully installed it.

We make all the project folders inside htdocs directory which is located inside xampp folder. And access those folders’ webpage by typing http://localhost and choose folder.

Installing composer

Installation process vary in linux and macos. Below is for windows.

Step 1

download the latest version of Composer.

Step 2

Run installation wizard. When it asks you to activate the developer mode, ignore it and continue with the installation process.

Step 3

Another window will pop up and ask you to locate the PHP command line. By default, it is in C:/xampp/php/php.exe. After specifying the location, click Next.

Step 4

You will be prompted with Proxy Settings. Leave the box unchecked and skip this part by hitting Next. Then, on the last window, click Install.

Step 5

After completing the installation, open the command prompt. Press CTRL +R, type in “cmd,” and click OK.

Step 6

Enter command composer.

You will see this kind of message.

Installing Laravel

Installing Laravel is also very easy. Documentation of laravel is well managed and it gives all the information required for developing web apps. Since we have already installed XAMPP and Composer we can create a new laravel project by using composer directly.

So now goto C:\xampp\htdocs directory and open it with terminal and type the following command.

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app
cd example-app
php artisan serve

Replace example-app with whatever project name you prefer.

You have successfully installed laravel project in your system. Now you can start building up project. For further configuration like database,migration,controller,route and many more goto this link. You will be able to make your first crud application.

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